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Sales Ledger

Copy Invoices

Debtors' key delaying tactic in not paying their bills is to claim that they never received your invoice. 
Sending copy invoices can be a time consuming and long-winded task.  OPS makes it easy for you to upload your invoices as Portable Document Format (PDF) files and when you receive a request for a copy invoice, you simply select the invoice, enter the debtors email address and click send.  It's that easy. 

Debtors receive the copy invoice in a matter of minutes – sometimes even while you've got them on the telephone. You can be sure that they will definitely get the invoice and moreover cannot use the excuse of not receiving the invoice.

Additionally, once invoices are uploaded, debtors can log into OPS themselves and download their own copy invoices at any time. 

Copy Statements

Copy StatementsLike copy invoices, copy statements make it easy for your debtors to retrieve a copy of their current statement with you.

You can also send copy statements in the same way as copy invoices are sent and debtors can use the login features of OPS to get an up to date statement.


Invoice Chasing

Invoicing chasing is part of the daily routine of credit control in any company. Calling the debtor, checking they've received the invoice, resending the invoice if they haven't received it, asking if there is a query, resolving queries and finally getting a date for payment.

OPS makes it easy through SMS and email reminders to take the legwork out of confirming invoices have been received. Moreover, it allows queries to be raised directly by the debtor using the Internet.

You can use our automated invoice chasing and gain access to more information about your debtor and the kind of non-payment excuses they may make.