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Credit Control

Invoice Query

Invoice QueryCreate a more productive query, resolution and response cycle with Online Payment System Invoice Query handling. Debtors can easily raise queries on particular invoices directly from within the Open Payment System, where customers can also submit queries to be resolved. The entire flow is effecively handled in a singular system, so that you can ensure your debtors only have one interface to your accounts department.


LetterSend out traditional letters to those customers who prefer to receive post. Using our letter writing tools you can create, print and send a suite of letters to customers who pay consistently late or not at all. OPS tracks the current letter status of the debtor and provides you with a debtor profile report of next steps and non-responding debtors.

Minimise Customer Disputes

All the tools you need to manage and minimise the effect of customer disputes through a friendly interface. OPS improves the efficiency of payment collection by helping you speed up query resolution handling and ensure your customers receive their invoices on time. 

Recurring and Installment Payments

We understand the nature of payments and that each unique business needs a flexible payment system.  Open Payment system allows you to set up individually tailored recurring payment plans, which automatically bills your customer's credit or debit card on agreed dates. We also understand that businesses need to be informative, which is why OPS automatically sends out reminders to your customers. Better still, if the payment bounces, you will be notified in an exception report. 

SMS Reminders

SMSEnhance your current customer communications platform with our SMS reminders. Link your letters, emails and SMS reminders together in the same workflow in order to successfully target debtors with a sophisticated chasing campaign.


Email Reminders

EmailExpand your customer communications base with email reminders. Our payment system provides a full arsenal of tools to minimise debtor excuses for non-payment and improves customer contact overall. This is particularlly effective for companies that have set up individually tailored recurring payment plans and custom payment schedules. 


Supports Subscription Payments

CalendarOur system is efficient with regular subscription payments. When you offer subscription based services with Open Payment System to your customers you can be sure that it is easy for them to set up and access. Meaning you can be safe in the knowledge that you are being paid.

Moreover, if payments lapse – our exception report will conveniently alert you and deliver 'time to suspend services' or 'make contact for new payment' details.

OPS automates the entire process by alerting your customers of the failed transaction and requests them to enter new payment details without you needing to manually handle the situation.