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OPS Secures Your Mobile Payment Transactions


In the last year consumers have moved away from ineffective payment methods, such as cheques and cash, to more convenient, flexible and effective forms. As the mobile payments market expands, security is becoming more of an issue and consumers are acutely aware of this. PCI SSC has revealed a set of best guidelines to help make mobile payments more secure.

The Council has said the mobile payment market will continue to grow whilst the IMRG has reported that by the end of this year, one in five retail sales will be generated by mobile devices providing that the consumer market is becoming more familiar with and willing to use mobile payment methods. The figures above highlight both an exceptional customer mobile payment experience, as well as security. 

What are the two most controversial issues when it comes to security?

Small businesses are ignorant of the current situation and security will not be a problem  when adopting mobile payment technologies in the short-term. However, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and can pose a threat to businesses at any time which is why PCI DSS anti-fraud measurements are so important to the secure collection and processing of payments.

OPS has it Covered!

IMRG has reported that website visits via mobile channels will reach 30 per cent signifying the importance of security in such operations. However, there is no reason to worry because OPS is PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant  and you will be able to enjoy transactions that have the highest levels of payment security. You can use our friendly interface OPS platform to retain your customers' confidence as well as avoid fraud and theft when making online transactions. What would businesses find interesting is that the OPS allows your debt collection to be done quicker and late payments are more likely to be avoided that way. Moreover, by using our mobile payment solution you get real-time reporting and instant receipt of transaction which increases your customers' satisfaction.

Our payment solutions can benefit your business

The Open Payment System, online payment solution offers businesses the opportunity to collect, manage and monitor secure transactions via our mobile payment platform.

Contact our dedicated OPS client services team today if you would like to know more about the mobile payment solution on  info@openpaymentsystem.com.