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Flexible Mobile Payment System


Collecting payments quickly from your customers face-to-face has just been made easier. The Online Payment System allows field-based staff to take payments from your customers on any Internet or 3G connected mobile device, smartphone, tablet or a laptop.  Not only that but you can watch the payments being processed through your system(s) live. 

Why use our mobile payment solution?   

tick Our mobile payment service supports any mobile device, smartphone, tablet device and PDA with a web browser.

tick Allows your field-based staff to review account activity and history whilst they're on the go.

tick Accept cash and cheque payments with a full audit trail.  These can also be made in the same way as credit and debit card payments.

tick Increase customer satisfaction with instant receipt of transaction.

tick Secure mobile transactions with Server to Server integration over an Secure File Transaction Protocol (SFTP) connection. 

tick PCI DSS compliant. 

tick Improves chance of payment on personal visits to late payers and payers under management.

tick Real-time approval means guaranteed payment, eliminating the time needed to clear cheques.

tick Ideal for sales forces who need to 'close that deal' at meetings. 

tick Provides detailed real-time reports of live cash takings that can be monitored at any time. 

After seven years of experience in ecommerce we understand the importance of diverse payment methods. Our mobile payment service allows businesses to target their customers with a convenient cash, cheque, debit or credit card payment procedure that increases the chance of transaction.

To find out how our Mobile Payment Solution can work for your business, get in touch with our team, who will be pleased to provide you with more details and an online demonstration.