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Open Payment System

Open Payment Systems Business Solutions

Manage, monitor, accept, transfer, reject and collect payments securely online with PCI DSS level 1 certified online payment solution.  Our online payments make it easy for you to accept credit and debit card payments via a highly-secure, fully customised and white branded debtor facing website.

Why use our online payment solution?   

tick We will set up a fully customised online payment website for your company.

tick Allows those customers who prefer to pay invoices online to use a friendly interface.  

tick Full real-time reports and payment information received live at the time of transaction. These are downloadable at any time in .CSV format. 

tick PCI DSS compliant transactions.

tick Secure payments with server to server integration over an secure file transaction protocol (SFTP) connection. 

tick Your business will be fully protected from charge backs thanks to our 3D Secure system.

tick Improve customer satisfaction with a flexibile system that allows them to make payments from any location on a computer that has Internet access. 

tick Your bank account will be credited directly with payments the next working day.

Our online payment solutions are ideal for national and international companies that need to use a finance management tool that helps to control and speed-up invoice payments. Not only that but our secure payment system can be easily accessed from any computer in the world that has an Internet connection, allowing you to monitor payments wherever you are. 

Does this sound like the right payment solution for you? Why not get in touch with our team who will be pleased to provide you with additional details about the Open Payment System as well as an online demonstration.