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Integration with OPS

Can The Open Payment System be integrated with other Systems?

The Open Payment System can be integrated with existing accounts systems such as Sage, Informix,, QuickBooks, Pegasus Opera and Lawson. In addition, it is able to be integrated with bespoke business applications such as those based on AS400 or mainframe systems.

Will it work with my existing sales ledger?

The Open Payment System is a debt collection tool – it has been built from the ground up to make managing your cashflow, credit control and cash collection easier. It won't generate new business for you – but it will make collecting money a lot easier.

Can I integrate the payment screen into my sales ledger?

The Open Payment System is designed as a standalone system with integration through reports. However, we have implemented direct integration to sales ledger and order processing systems of our clients on a custom basis and are happy to talk about this with you. Contact us on info@openpaymentsystem.com for more information.

How do I take payments by smartphone or tablet?

All your field collection staff need is an Internet enabled smartphone or tablet device, their login credentials and a 3G or a WiFi signal to process the payments as per usual with our web-based interface. No matter where you are in the world or where payments to your business are coming from, you can monitor them in real time using our system.