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We implement cookies to ensure you get the best possible experience on our website. By browsing and using our website, we will assume that you consent to cookies being used in accordance with our Cookie Policy. If you do not wish for cookies to be set, please adjust your browser settings. Find out how to do this here.

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What Cookies Does OPS use?

We use eight cookies on our website, for further details about the cookies used, please see the table below. 

Like many other websites, we rely on third parties to provide additional services to our website. These third party websites have their own cookie policies which contain information about their use of cookies. In addition, because we don't control those third party websites we cannot control the use of the information generated by the cookies these third parties set. We would therefore, recommend that you familiarise yourself with the cookie policy for each of these third parties too.

NameType Description 
odyssey First Party Persistent: Two Days Session-based This is the main system cookie and is set whenever someone visits the website. It contains a unique identifier generated using MD5 which is used to track the visitor around ther website. No personal information is stored in this cookie.
khcookie Third Party: Session-based This is a Google cookie which is used for AdSense and/or Maps services. See Google for more information.
_umtv Third Party You can define your own segments for reporting on your particular data. When you use the _setCustomVar() method in your tracking code to define custom variables, Google Analytics uses this cookie to track and report on that information.

In a typical use case, you might use this method to segment your website visitors by a custom demographic that they select on your website. 
_utma Third Party Persistent: Two Years Google Analytics uses this cookie. Each unique browser that visits a page on your website is provided with a unique ID via the __utma cookie. By doing this, subsequent visits to our website via the same browser are recorded as belonging to the same (unique) visitor.

Thus, if a person interacted with our website using both Firefox and Internet Explorer, the Google Analytics reports would track this activity under two unique visitors. Similarly if the same browser were used by two different visitors, but with a separate computer account for each, the activity would be recorded under two unique visitor ID's.
_utmb and _utmc Third Party Persistent: 30 min Session-based Google Analytics uses these cookies for tracking purposes. If either of these two cookies are absent, further activity by the user initiates the start of a new session.
_utmz Third Party Persistent: Six Months  When visitors reach your website by clicking a link in a search engine result page, a direct link, or an ad that links to a page on your website. Google Analytics stores the type of referral information in a cookie. This cookie gets updated with each subsequent page view to your website. 
PREF Third Party Persistent: Two Years This cookie is used on your website in order to provide functionality for Google. 
NID Third Party Persistent: Six Months This cookie is used on your website in order to provide functionality for Google.