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OPS Launches Recurring Payments Feature

The Open Payment System has a great new feature called Recurring Payments - making collecting regular payments from your customer even easier. This allows you to set up as many scheduled payments as you like, for any amount, over any period.

While traditional PDQ systems have limitations in that each payment has to be taken manually, OPS makes it even easier to collect these from your customers. It is this versatility which sets the Open Payment System apart from its rivals.

  • Take the hassle out of making payments - all payments made using our automated system.
  • Never miss a payment with our exception report.
  • Automatic reminders sent out a specified number of days before payment is attempted.
  • Security assured - no credit card details are stored on our system.
  • All OPS customers receive this fantastic new upgrade as part of their existing service.

For more information, call Zain on 0113 243 9920 or, to see first hand how Recurring Payments can improve your business, click here to book a demo.

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